Slow Travel |  What Is It and Why I Love It

We're past the halfway point of our goal to visit 22 Countries in 6 Months. It's been an incredible journey as we continue to learn more about ourselves and the world with every destination. Although it took us a little while to find our footing and style, once we did, our perspectives on travel and... Continue Reading →

Level Airlines | What to Expect?

Over the last few months, we've flown on a lot of budget airlines. Although they get a lot of bad press, I am grateful for their existence and thankful that they make travel affordable. Despite my gratitude, there is no denying the stress and frustration that can come with most budget airlines. When my wife... Continue Reading →

What I Packed for Japan in the Fall | Men’s Edition

I love to travel in the Fall and Winter months. I'm what you would consider a "pleasantly plump" traveler, and I feel more comfortable wearing a sweater and jeans than letting my belly hang-out in swim trunks. I'm still working on getting fit, so my six-pack is a work in progress. Right now I only... Continue Reading →

Visiting a Unique Cafe in Seoul

When planning our trip to Seoul, one of the things on our must do list was to visit a Unique Café. Korea isn’t short on cafés. You can find anything from regular coffee shops, themed ones and even ones with cute and cuddly animals. We had a chance to visit all three types of cafes,... Continue Reading →

Travel Plans | 22 Countries in 6 Months

In August, we both left our corporate jobs to pursue our passions for travel and food. Since that time we've already visited Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea. In a few days, we're heading to Japan and couldn't be more excited. Its been a lifelong dream to eat Ramen in Tokyo and it's finally coming true.... Continue Reading →

What I Packed for Japan in the Fall | Women’s Edition

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, right behind winter. Cozy sweaters, warm coats, and tall boots have a way of making any woman feel comfortable but cute. The tricky thing about Fall fashion is that it can quickly weigh down your luggage. When I travel, I'm thinking about three things versatility, comfort, and weight.... Continue Reading →

Tips to Overcome a Language Barrier When Traveling

Let's face the facts unless you're some linguistic savant; you're not going to be fluent in the language of every country you visit. It takes time to learn a new language. I have huge respect for anyone that takes on the challenge. I've tried and can't seem to stay focused long enough to get past,... Continue Reading →

Being a Minimalist | Is It Hard

People always say that once they got rid of all their stuff and began to live a minimalist lifestyle, they became better for it. What they don’t tell you is all the turmoil that happens in between. Is it Hard Being a Minimalist? YES! I am an average person that once had a lot of... Continue Reading →

Singapore Airlines | Bid for an Upgrade

Throughout my years I have had the opportunity to fly on many different airlines. Each one has pros and cons, but thus far Singapore Airlines (SIA) is my favorite. We have flown SIA multiple times, and each experience has been top notch. I'll save those stories for a different post. Today, I discovered another reason... Continue Reading →

Isaac Toast | The Best Korean Breakfast

Isaac Toast is one of the most popular breakfast options in Korea, and I couldn’t wait to try it when we visited Seoul. It was like the stars aligned because as fate would have it, there was a location on the first floor of the high rise AirBnB we were staying at. This was our... Continue Reading →

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