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22 Countries in 6 Months

  • Level Airlines

    Level Airlines | What to Expect?

    Over the last few months, we’ve flown on a lot of budget airlines. Although they get a lot of bad press, I am grateful for their existence and thankful that they…

  • Travel

    Visiting a Unique Cafe in Seoul

    When planning our trip to Seoul, one of the things on our must do list was to visit a Unique Café. Korea isn’t short on cafés. You can find anything from…

  • airplane

    Travel Plans | 22 Countries in 6 Months

    In August, we both left our corporate jobs to pursue our passions for travel and food. Since that time we’ve already visited Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea. In a few days,…

  • Minimalist

    Being a Minimalist | Is It Hard

    People always say that once they got rid of all their stuff and began to live a minimalist lifestyle, they became better for it. What they don’t tell you is all…

  • Singapore Airlines Bid Upgrade

    Singapore Airlines | Bid for an Upgrade

    Throughout my years I have had the opportunity to fly on many different airlines. Each one has pros and cons, but thus far Singapore Airlines (SIA) is my favorite. We have…

  • Food

    Isaac Toast | The Best Korean Breakfast

    Isaac Toast is one of the most popular breakfast options in Korea, and I couldn’t wait to try it when we visited Seoul. It was like the stars aligned because as…