Singapore | When is the Best Time to Visit

Singapore is a destination that I would recommend for any food lover. Traveling to the east? Schedule a layover or spend at least 48 hours in Singapore, we did and we loved every minute of it. Singapore is located at the equator, which means it is hot and humid all year round. You can visit anytime throughout the year but if you want to beat the busy season, here is a breakdown.

November – June

This time of year is definitely busy season. If you are traveling from November – January, just keep in mind that it is monsoon season and there will likely be rain. The normal summer tourist traffic hits Singapore like many other destinations.

July – October

You will see a break in tourism this time of year.

One thing that is consistent regardless of the time of year you visit Singapore is the humidity. Temperatures are pretty consistent due to Singapore’s geographical location with only a slight change in temperatures each season.

We traveled to Singapore in August and the temperatures were in the 90’s with extreme humidity.

Helpful Tips When Traveling to Singapore

Regardless of the time of year, you are traveling, there are a few essential tips I would recommend when packing for Singapore.


Singapore is extremely hot and humid almost all year round. We visited Singapore in August and as soon as we stepped outside we would begin to sweat. I don’t mean the pretty, “glisten,” either, I mean sweat drops running down your back kind of hot. A mistake I made was only packing cotton t-shirts. Cotton smells and doesn’t dry very quickly when you are constantly sweating and it is not at all cute.  I recommend wearing moisture wick clothing if possible. You can look great in moisture wick clothing and not look like you are wearing work out clothes. Here is a great option for men and women.

I know some of you are thinking, well I live in X and we have pretty hot summers here so I will be okay. We live in Texas and our summers are pretty brutal but nothing prepared me for the heat and humidity in Singapore. You could always tell who was a local and who was a tourist by the amount of sweat. Singaporeans have built an incredible tolerance to the heat. We walked through the financial / business area and there were men and women in business suits walking to lunch without a drop of sweat. They looked cool, calm and pristine while I was standing next to them at a crosswalk barely able to breathe given the heat.


Something that no one talks about is packing the right kind of underwear when traveling. Trust me, you will be sweating in places you didn’t think possible in Singapore. This is one thing we did right when packing. We both packed moisture wick undergarments. There is nothing more embarrassing than having a sweat stain somewhere you don’t necessarily want attention to be drawn too. These are the ones we packed and it worked great for us. Men’s underwear. Women’s underwear.


You will be walking just about everywhere in Singapore, to and from your accommodations, to the MRT, MRT to shopping, dining and major attractions. For a chunk of our travels in Singapore, we opted to walk to most of our destinations. There is no better way to see the city and to stop and take photos whenever you want. We walked from Clark Quay to Marina Bay Sands and opted for the scenic route. It should have only taken us about 20 minutes or so but we decided to take our time, sit by the water and walk by the Merlion which ended up taking us a little over an hour.

The last thing you want is to be wearing uncomfortable shoes while traveling. As I get older, I opt for comfort over fashion. Nothing is cute about walking around limping because you have a blister from those adorable sandals. Personally, I opted for these Adidas runners. I wore these shoes in the States for months prior and knew they were comfortable. The material is stretchy which gives your feet room. (Important note, when you travel to hot climates, your body sometimes swells.) They dry really quickly if they get wet. I know because we walked across town in a downpour in Singapore and within no time they dried and I wasn’t walking around in sopping wet shoes for very long.

My husband wore Allbirds during our travels and he couldn’t be happier. Review on the Allbirds coming soon.


Umbrellas on a sunny day. Who would of thunk?

I know this sounds silly to carry around an umbrella when there is no rain in sight but trust me, it can shield you from the extreme sun rays beating down on you. I never used to get it, why so many people had umbrellas, it’s just a little bit of sun, right? Well, when you are exploring the city all day in the heat, walking around for hours, shield from the sun is all you’ll want. Hey, and if it rains, you’re covered.


Poncho $5, Beef Jerky $3, Having Chinatown to Yourself – PRICELESS

Let’s face it, rain poncho’s aren’t cute but they do work. If you are visiting Singapore during Monsoon season it will more than likely be raining for parts of the day. The rain can be rough but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your travels. We luckily had our ponchos during a downpour in Singapore’s Chinatown and it saved us. While others were ducking away in tiny shops or awnings, we put on our ponchos and literally had the entire Chinatown to ourselves for about an hour. We walked down aisle upon aisle of shops not having to worry about bumping into anyone. We even walked from Chinatown 15 minutes away to Amoy Hawker Center in the rain, thanks to our ponchos. I recommend this one as it is inexpensive and does the job.

Overall, regardless of what time of year you visit Singapore, you will have a great time, just don’t forget to pack accordingly.


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