Saving | 4 Things I Stopped Doing to Save $7,000

Like most people, I have always struggled with saving. I like the shiny, new and instant gratification feeling it gave me when I bought something. As we got more serious about saving, these were the things I stopped spending money on and it immediately saved us $7,000.

I know this list may not apply to everyone but these were things I had to re-evaluate if I wanted to start traveling.

Do you want to look cute with no money in the bank or do you want to live life, travel and experience things? I choose the later. Keep on reading if you want to learn more.

4 Things I Stopped Doing to Save $7,000

Manicures and Pedicures

After a stressful week at work, I loved going to get my nails done. I would get them done every two weeks and sometimes every week if I hated the color and just wanted a change. My manicure would cost $40 and if I was getting a pedicure too, it would be another $35 – $50 (depending on the add-ons and massage time). I would drag my husband with me because I hate unkept feet so he would get a pedicure too. Between the two of us, the bill would end up being around $110 – $150 and that doesn’t even include tip yet. Annually, this would cost us about $2,860.

Eyelash Extensions

My obsession with eyelash extensions began about two years ago. After my first session, I was hooked. In the beginning, I was going to a few random salons and then found a great salon that offered specialty lashes applied by a senior stylist. Well, this came with a hefty price too. I went to get a fill every two weeks and when I had something special coming up, every week. This cost me $65 each time. I did this consistently for about a year and a half which roughly amounted to $2,000.


Anyone who knows me knows that I love Starbucks. I would get at least two Venti coffees a day and on a bad day, I would order a Trenta. If I was hungry, I would add in sous vide egg bites or a pumpkin scone (during the fall – my fav). Well, needless to say, per day I would spend about $15 at Starbucks. Annually, I would spend about $3,000 just on coffee.

Don’t get me wrong, I still go to Starbucks every now and then as a treat but opt to make my own coffee at home now.


Every time I got paid I would drop by Home Goods or Target just to, “walk around.” We all know that means to pick up something for the house or me, just cause. These random purchases would add up over time.

During this time in our lives, before we really started re-evaluating what we wanted and our savings plan, I always justified my spending because we both had pretty good jobs that paid well. I was spending my money on superficial things instead of experiences that would last me a lifetime. Now, that we have begun traveling more, I don’t miss any of those things I used to spend money on.

My advice for anyone saving to travel is to think about your spending. Are the things you are spending your money on making you happy for a short moment or would you rather spend your money on an experience of a lifetime like a trip to Europe. I re-evaluated my spending and we are heading to Europe at the end of the year.

Cheers to you and your savings journey to travel.


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