Singapore | Top 10 Things You Must Do

Singapore is an epicenter for beautiful architecture, luxury, and some of the most incredible gardens you will ever see. It is becoming one of the fastest must-see Asian destinations and I can see why after our visit.

Top 10 Things You Must Do

#1: Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

You can’t leave Singapore without visiting Marina Bay Sands. It’s a hotel, casino, shopping center, and a restaurant heaven. You can head up to the 57th floor to visit the infinity pool overlooking the skyline or you can shop till you drop. Luxury brands like Cartier, Balmain, and Fendi line the multi-level shopping mall. Marina boasts an impressive 80 restaurants ranging from world-renown to trendy eateries.

What to Expect

With so much to see and do at Marina, I would recommend getting there early, especially if you want to get a great shot in the infinity pool. If you get there during peak hours, just be prepared that it may be a bit crowded. Pick out where you want to eat ahead of time and see if you need to make reservations. Regardless of where you choose to dine, the food is going to be AMAZING! I would leave shopping last so that you don’t have to carry your bags around with you all day. If you happen to be staying at Marina Bay Sands, you don’t have to worry about this.

#2: Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay expands over 101 acres of lush green horticulture. It boasts more than 1 million plants, is #3 on TripAdvisor’s things to do list, ranked #20 on Facebook’s most checked-in places and has reached over 40 million visitors to date.

What to Expect

I never thought I would be into gardens and horticulture so much but after visiting Singapore, I am completely blown away. I recommend allotting at least an hour if you are pressed for time or two if you can spare more to really take in everything Gardens by the Bay has to offer. Whatever you do, don’t forget to take a stroll up the Cloud Forest.

#3: Clarke Quay & Boat Quay

Clarke Quay

I’m putting Clarke Quay and Boat Quay together because they are a short walk from one another. Both are on the river and will start to liven up at night with no shortage of restaurants, bars and nightclubs to choose from.

What to Expect

Clarke Quay and Boat Quay are geared a bit more toward tourist which means you will pay more for food and drinks. Alcohol is at a premium here and 3 bottles of beer will set you back S$25 which equates to $18.29 USD (at the time of the article). There are so many great restaurants to choose from you won’t be disappointed. If you can, sit by the water and enjoy the view.

#4: Helix Bridge

Helix Bridge

The Helix Bridge links Marina South to Marina Center and is a large replica of DNA. As you walk through the bridge, look down to see the colorful C, G, A, and T paired up to represent cytosine, guanine, adenine, and thymine.

What to Expect

It’s a great photo op destination, so much so, that we saw three couples taking their engagement/wedding photos here.

#5: Spectra Light and Water Show

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands puts on a free Light Show just about every evening. If you like, you can pay to get on a ferry and see this right on the water.

What to Expect

It can get crowded, depending on where you choose to see the light show. We were on the opposite side of Marina Bay Sands and I thought it was the best view. I recommend arriving 15 minutes early to scope out a good seat on the steps near the water, sit back and enjoy the show.

#6: Chinatown

Singapore Chinatown Food Streed

Chinatown in Singapore consists of three busy streets with red Chinese lanterns draped overhead. The streets are adorned with hundreds of little shops selling everything from silk robes, nifty souvenirs, and great street food. Want to sit down instead? Chinatown dedicates one full street to just restaurants with outdoor seating. You can get anything from satay skewers, roasted duck, and a vast variety of noodle dishes.

What to Expect

I love visiting Chinatown no matter where I am in the world. If you are looking for inexpensive souvenirs for the family, this is a great place to purchase them. While you are in Chinatown, don’t forget to check out the Michelin Star Hawker Chan’s Chicken and Rice eatery.

#7: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Buddha Relic TempleThe Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is located in Chinatown and had to be one of the most beautiful temples I have ever visited. Ladies, I recommend wearing a shirt that covers your shoulders and pants if possible. If you happen to be wearing shorts like I was, a volunteer will kindly approach you and direct you to put on a sarong to cover your legs. As a note, no photos are allowed inside. The temple consists of 5 levels, each with its own history and teachings.

What to expect

When we arrived on the third floor, I almost lost my balance, got weak in the knees and face turned completely white according to my husband. The third-floor houses wax figures of important monks in history behind glass cases. These wax figures were so lifelike that it was as if they were staring into my soul. So much so that I couldn’t look them straight in the eyes. Each hair, wrinkle, and placement of the hands were so real. I couldn’t manage how life-like they were and had to rush through the third-floor exhibit.

I have never seen relics of Buddha in person before. This was such an incredible and surreal experience for me and something I will never forget.

#8: Merlion

The Merlion is Singapore’s mascot. It’s half lion and fish and has become a symbol of tourism to Singapore. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people flock to Merlion Park daily for that epic photo.

What to Expect

Due to the popularity of the Merlion, just be ready for the crowds. We opted to take our epic shot about a mile away.

#9: Hawker Centers

Hawker Center

This is probably one of the top reasons I wanted to visit Singapore. Hawker Centers offer an array of food that truly represents the diverse culture of Chinese, Malaysians, and Indians. This is where you will get a sense of the people and their pride in the food. I am so infatuated with Hawker Centers that I dedicated a whole article to it, Hawker Centers in Singapore.

What to Expect

The food is something that will never disappoint you Singapore. Even if it is mediocre, it is better than your average plate. You will be overwhelmed by the number of choices when you arrive at any Hawker Center. Just remember, order a small plate at each stall because you will want to sample everything! If you couldn’t tell, I live for food and am a huge foodie.

#10: Michelin Star Eateries

Din Tai FungSingapore has a ton of Michelin Star eateries and you have to visit at least one during your travels. Try Din Tai Fung’s truffle dumplings, so good I’m drooling right now.

What to Expect

Yummy Goodness in your Belly is all I have to say.


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