Singapore | Chili Crab

Prior to traveling to Singapore, I watched countless YouTube videos on what to do and where to eat while in Singapore. A few videos that I recommend is by Mark WeinsStrictly Dumpling and Ryan Sylvia. What did they all have in common? Chili crab. Mark Weins actually had Black Pepper Crab in his video which we had the best intentions of trying, unfortunately, belly space was limited.

What is Chili Crab?

Chili Crab
Just look at that beauty!

Type Chili Crab in Google and the most scrumptious looking crab covered in a deep orange-red sauce will appear. Many say that Chili Crab is Singapore’s national dish and I most certainly agree. Mud Crab or King Crab is the most commonly used crustaceans for the dish. The sauce is tomato base with a kick of chili that makes its flavor so distinctive.

Best Crab

Chili Crab
So happy for Chili Crab!

We opted to go to Jumbo Seafood based on Strictly Dumpling’s recommendation. Jumbo Seafood offers both Chili Crab and Black Pepper Crab, we only ordered Chili Crab since it was just the two of us.

Helpful Tips:

When you are seated at your table, you will notice a small bowl of water along with wet naps. The wet naps are meant for you to wipe your hands down before the meal and the small bowl of water is for you to rinse your fingers throughout the meal. Make sure to also order a side of fried buns and seafood fried rice to soak up the sauce. Your taste buds will thank you!

There is only one way to eat Chili Crab, with your hands. Don’t be afraid to pick it up and go after it. You’ll feverously begin removing the crab meat, first biting down then taking the end of your chopstick removing every morsel from the shell, leaving nothing behind. The crab meat will be incredibly fresh. It’s like eating the best part of the ocean.

Best Compliments to the Meal

Don’t forget to take a fried bun and dip it into the sauce. The buns have a crisp outer shell and are perfectly soft

Fried Buns
These fried buns are filled with pillowy-goodness

inside. Go ahead and treat yourself to more than just one order.  We underestimated their goodness and had to stretch each delicious bite because we arrived a little to close to closing time.

Once you are done devouring the crab, you will want to mix your seafood fried rice into the remaining sauce, mix it well so that each grain is covered in the sauce. This was the best way to end the meal and ensures not a single drop of food goes to waste.

Chili crab was definitely one of the highlights of our trip to Singapore. The meal cost us $107 USD which is pricey but worth it based on the quality of the food. I would highly recommend working this into your budget and trying Chili Crab when planning your trip to Singapore.

Helpful Tips:

Many of the fine restaurants in Singapore will have a lunch service, then close down mid-afternoon to prepare for dinner service. If you don’t have a reservation, lunchtime is your best chance of getting a table. Evening service tends to be much busier. Plan in advance and be sure to check online for hours of operation. You don’t want to miss out on these experiences! If you have a hard time making room in your budget for such a price meal, don’t worry there are many different restaurants with Chili Crab on their menu. Be sure to shop around, the biggest variable is the quality of the crab. Make sure it’s fresh.

Interested in watching our full Chili Crab experience and more check out our video below.

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