Lub D-Phuket | Why You Should Stay Here

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We first learned about Lub D after watching, The Greatest Hostel Ever? Lub’D Patong Beach Thailand on Matthew O’Connor TV. While booking our flight to Thailand, Phuket was at the top of our list of must-see destinations so we thought it would be nice to give Lub D a try.

We’d never stayed at a hostel before and since we consider ourselves “elder millennials,” we weren’t entirely sure if we would fit into the ‘Hostel’ scene. Somehow we imagined hostels to be filled with only young, hip and cool college kids on a Gap Year. We envisioned loud parties and dorm-style bunks with questionable sheets.

Phuket was just the second destination in our year of travel so both our ignorance and anxiety ran high. Before embarking on this adventure, we would have been searching for high-end resorts with five-star restaurants. But since we said goodbye corporate America and our stable paycheck, luxury travel is not in our cards if we want to make our money last as long as possible.

Although Lub D considers itself to be a hostel, in reality, it’s better than most budget hotels in the U.S. The accommodations far exceeded our expectations and changed the way we look at hostels.

Staff Will Go Out of Their Way to Help

Since we don’t always speak the local language, any interaction can be a little scary at first. From the moment we walked in we were greeted with big smiles and eager faces wanting to help. Throughout our entire stay no matter day or night if we needed help a member of staff was there for us. Need change? They got it. Need directions? They got it. Need a tutorial on how to turn on the lights in your room because you are too ignorant to figure it out? (Yep! It happened to me), They got it.

Russell Lub D
Russell wanted to give Muay Thai a try

Resort-Style Amenities

Lub D has almost everything you can imagine. They have video games, foosball, pool, TV, Muay Thai Boxing classes, a Pool, and restaurant. The list goes on. If you’re feeling spontaneous, you can even get a tattoo at the shop in their lobby. If you want to relax and enjoy the breeze, nothing beats the hammocks on the loft above the dining area. There is something for everyone. Although we didn’t get a chance to try, I would recommend checking out some of the different classes they offer to broaden your horizons and learn more about Thai culture and cooking.

Everyone is Welcome

It doesn’t matter if your young, old, fresh or old-fashioned, you will fit right in. We did see the cool hip college kids on a gap year, but we also saw older couples. We saw solo travelers, large groups and even families. Everyone was welcomed and friendly. If you wanted to meet new and exciting people, this was the place to do it.

Bougie on a Budget

Lub D fried squid
A tasty appetizer: Fried Squid

Phuket isn’t cheap. Although street food is always a delicious option, many of the surrounding restaurants around Patong Beach can be a little pricey. Plus most businesses and restaurants open a little later in the morning. Sometimes all you want is a quick bite for a reasonable price before heading out for your adventures. The restaurant at Lub D is ideal for the budget traveler and quite tasty. After we got more familiar with the surrounding area, we came to appreciate the convenience. Breakfast for two ended up costing us only about 340 BHAT (about $10.37USD), versus 800 BHAT next door at Coffee Club.

Private Rooms are Affordable, Spacious and include Down Service

Although Lub D does offer individual bunks at a low rate when you’re traveling as a couple, you want to share a bed. Lub D’s private rooms cost only a little bit more but include a private toilet, shower, and balcony. The best part is they even provide down service. Nothing beats coming back to a freshly cleaned room and a neatly made bed each night. My personal favorite is sitting on your private balcony while it rains. It’s a little snug but so relaxing.

Lub D Pool
Russell Poolside at  Lub D

Lub D Offers All You Want and More

If you’re visiting Thailand, Lub D is a great place to stay with beautiful properties in Patong Beach, Bangkok, and Chaweng Beach. This experience opened our eyes to more options for budget travel without having to sacrifice quality. Lub D gave us a chance to be bougie on a budget.

Helpful Tips:

Take your first day to explore all Lub D has to offer. Be mindful of the signs. The staff is very attentive to make sure you follow the rules. If you’re interested in a tour, I recommend visiting the travel station in the lobby. They’ll not only help you book an island tour; they’ll give you some great tips when exploring the local area. Pay attention to happy hours, to save even more on drinks and food. If you’re planning on doing laundry, machines are limited and get used frequently. The best times are in the morning if you want to beat the lines. To save some money, pick up some detergent, wash your clothes in your shower and let them air dry on your balcony. The laundry room even offers wash basons too.

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Check out our video below to get a taste of Patong Beach

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