Singapore Airlines | Bid for an Upgrade

Throughout my years I have had the opportunity to fly on many different airlines. Each one has pros and cons, but thus far Singapore Airlines (SIA) is my favorite. We have flown SIA multiple times, and each experience has been top notch. I’ll save those stories for a different post.

Today, I discovered another reason why I love SIA so much. Waiting in my inbox this morning was an email from Singapore Airlines, with the subject line “Get Upgraded on your Singapore Airlines Flight.” Of course, excitement ran through my fingers as I rushed to open it.

We will be flying to Japan soon via SIA, and we were eligible to bid on an upgrade to the Premium Economy Class Experience.

How Does it Work

• Seven days before your departure, you will receive an email invitation from SIA, if you are eligible to make a bid for an upgrade.
• The bid will be a preset range.
• You can change or cancel your bid for an upgrade anytime up to 50 hours before your departure.
• If your bid is successful, SIA will email you 48 hours before departure, and only successful bids will be charged.

What Does the Invitation Look Like

Singapore Airlines Bid Updgrade

How Much Can You Bid

Your bid can range and on this flight, it was USD 135 to USD 295. You’ll see a meter that will let you know if your offer is weak or strong. The stronger the offer, the more likely you are to win the upgrade.

Singapore Airlines Bid Updgrade

What Do You Get with Premium Economy

In Premium Economy, your seat will be a massive 19.5 inches. The seat comes with a calf rest that lifts to help elevate your legs during a long-haul flight. The seat in front of you also has a footrest for added comfort. The seat will recline up to 8 inches giving you plenty of room to stretch out.

Your seat will have two USB ports to charge your devices and a personal lamp. You’ll have plenty of storage under the seat in front of you along with the front seat pockets.

The most impressive thing about upgrading is SIA’s, “Book the Cook,” option. You can select your meals before departure. The menu varies depending on where you’re departing from and offers a much more extensive menu from the regular economy.

You will also enjoy priority boarding and extra luggage allowance.

Why Are Airlines Doing This

Airlines have been losing monies in their premium economy and business class seats for long-haul flights for some time now. The bidding process is a way for SIA and many other airlines to promote the upgrade and increase profitability.

Should You Bid

If you have room in your budget, why not? If you can afford it, it’s a great way to pamper yourself. Consider it an investment in comfort. However, in our case, we won’t be bidding. We got a great deal on our tickets and wanted to use the savings towards other trips. Because we have flown SIA numerous times via the economy class, we know what to expect. The seats aren’t bad, and you always get excellent in-flight service, from hot towels to yummy snacks and even small toiletry bag.

Even though we aren’t taking advantage of their offer today, it doesn’t mean we won’t be in the future. I think this is an ingenious and creative way to encourage upgrades.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree.

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