What I Packed for Japan in the Fall | Women’s Edition

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, right behind winter. Cozy sweaters, warm coats, and tall boots have a way of making any woman feel comfortable but cute. The tricky thing about Fall fashion is that it can quickly weigh down your luggage.

When I travel, I’m thinking about three things versatility, comfort, and weight.

Pack Clothes That Work for Any Occasion

The biggest lesson I learned from our previous trips was that a capsule wardrobe is vital to travel. A capsule wardrobe ensures you are ready for anything. Pack clothing that works together. I have never been a huge fan of prints; therefore, all my options are solid colors. I prefer white, grey and black. You don’t have to go this basic; however, I find that this works best for me.

Another great tip to remember when packing is only bringing clothes that will look great in photos. I’m no Instagram model, but I like to look good in my photos. My husband loves to take spontaneous pictures, so I try always to be prepared. Besides, it’s hard enough capturing the perfect shot. I hate deleting photos because I didn’t like the way I looked in “that” top.

What I Packed for Japan

I am by no means a “traditional backpacker,” but I have fallen in love with the allure and convenience of carry-on only travel. It’s less of a hassle when navigating through busy airports and city streets. Roller luggage is ok, but I hate having to worry about running over other people’s toes. I like the ease of a backpack but hate looking like I’m trying to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

We recently purchased the Tortuga Setout backpack for its stylish design, size and carry-on capabilities. This backpack opens up like traditional luggage with all the great benefits of being a hands-free backpack. When you’re traveling to multiple airports, subway stations, buses and walking a ton, you’ll want the flexibility that this bag offers. As a bonus, it’s sleek and doesn’t have a million and one straps dangling. I’m a bit of a klutz, so these are a safety hazard for me.


Japan Packing
All my tops fit in one cube.

4 Basic T-Shirts (2 grey, 1 white, 1 black)
Black Sweater
Grey Lightweight Sweater
3 Pair of Jeans (Light wash, dark wash, and black pair)
Pair of Black Leggings
Black Leather Jacket (I mean a girls got to look cool right?)

Japan Packing
All my bottoms fit in one cube.


5 Pair of Socks
7 Pair of Moisture wick Underwear
2 Bras


Laptop Charger & Case
Phone Charger
Power Bank
Universal Adaptor (Not a must for Japan but just in case)
2 Pair of Headphones
Camera Charger
2 Camera Batteries
4 SD Cards
Gorilla Tripod


Hair Straightener
Small Travel Sized Blow-Dryer (This is optional, and the size of my hand. I only pack this because a previous accommodation we stayed at didn’t have one and I hate having wet hair.)
Makeup Bag (Just the essentials – foundation, translucent powder, blush, mascara, eyebrow powder, and lipstick.)
2 Protein Bars (We’ll have a few long layovers, and I don’t want to be hangry. I also refuse to pay $14 for a snack at the airport.)
Reusable Water Bottle (Why would you pay $5 for an airport bottle of water?)
Microfiber Towel
Laundry Bag
Day Backpack
Travel Pillow


Face Wash
Disinfectant Wipes
Hand Sanitizer

I plan to pick up any other toiletries once we land. I’ve found that toiletries only weigh down your bag. Just bring what you need to stay fresh in between flights.

On Travel Days, Dress for Comfort

We’ll be traveling from Dallas to LAX with an overnight layover. We plan to save money and sleep at the airport, thanks to the tips and tricks we learned from Sleepinginairports.net. The next morning we’ll be boarding a 12-hour flight to Japan. My goal is to be as comfortable as possible without looking like a complete disaster.

I envy the women that wear heels with the most fantastic put together outfits. They look great, but I know they’re uncomfortable. Can you imagine walking through the airport in 4-inch heels after a 12-hour flight? I can’t. Besides, I’m married and have no one to impress. I value comfort over everything.

What I’ll be Wearing

Allbirds Shoes in Tuke French Fry Color
Army Green Lightweight Jacket (This is the only colorful item I have in my wardrobe.)
Black Leggings
Cream Sweatshirt
Grey T-Shirt

Japan Packing
On Travel Days, Dress for Comfort

Helpful Tip:

Wear clothing that can be layered. If I’m too hot, I can always take off the jacket and sweatshirt. If it’s cold on the plane, I still have plenty to keep me warm.

Always Weigh Your Bag Before You Leave

It’s not enough to make sure your bag’s measurements meet carry-on requirements. You have to check its weight too.

I weighed my backpack with all the items inside, and it was a total of 19 lbs. My laptop is the most substantial item I am packing. Unfortunately, I’ll need to bring it for my school work while I’m away. Without it, my backpack would only be barely over 14 pounds. I’m so glad my husband convinced me to enroll in Graduate School last year…..sarcastic pause.

Since we’ll be flying on my favorite airline, Singapore Airlines (SIA), I know their rules by heart. SIA allows a max capacity of 7 kg, 14 lbs for your carry-on bag, in addition to one personal item. If needed I can move my laptop, electronics cube with all my chargers, toiletries, and makeup bag into my day backpack to store under the seat in front of me. By doing this, it balances out the weight requirements, sneaky huh?

Helpful Tip:

Before every trip, I make sure all my electronics fit inside my daypack just in case I’m asked to check my main bag. I tend to get anxious when I travel. It’s a little nerve-racking when you’re at the ticket counter, and they ask you to check your bag. I always do a dry run at home to see how quickly I can move things into my day bag so that I don’t get flustered.

We always use packing cubes therefore when it comes time to transition things over, all I do is grab my laptop, electronic bag and anything else essential and I’m good to go. I have perfected this, and it takes me less than a minute to complete the transition. Trust me, when you’re in front of a line of people, time and efficiency matters.

I would love to hear from you. Please share your travel hacks in the comments below.

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