Travel Plans | 22 Countries in 6 Months

In August, we both left our corporate jobs to pursue our passions for travel and food. Since that time we’ve already visited Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea. In a few days, we’re heading to Japan and couldn’t be more excited. Its been a lifelong dream to eat Ramen in Tokyo and it’s finally coming true.

Last week we finalized our travel plans for the next three months, and by February 2019 we’ll have visited 22 countries in 6 months.

Below is our list of countries:

Czech Republic
South Korea
Vatican City

How Did You Pick These Countries?

I wish I could say that we uncovered some fantastic point hacking deal, but we didn’t. Nor did we find some online glitch that allowed us to book cheap seats for pennies on the dollar. Nope. We went super old-school and did things the old fashion way. Before quitting our jobs, we each grabbed a stack of Post-Its and wrote down all the countries we wanted to visit.

Travel Plans
It’s not fancy, but this is what works for us

When we finished, we stuck everything on the kitchen wall and went to work. For the next few weeks, we spent hours on Skyscanner, Kiwi, Momondo and just about every other booking site out there looking for the best deals.

Not all of the countries we posted made the final cut. We did include a majority of them and even managed to add a few more along the way. The next year of our lives is dedicated to travel, so we still have time to pick up the ones we missed.

Why So Many Countries?

Even though we love to travel, we’re what you consider part-time travelers. We have three adorable Shih-Tzus that have stolen our hearts. Since we hate to be away from them for too long, we keep our adventures to 3 weeks, no longer than a month. Don’t worry they’re well taken care of while we are away. Between each trip, we try to spend at least two weeks at home. It gives us enough time to recharge, and spend time with the ‘fur-babies” before heading to our next set of destinations. To make the most of our travels, we try to visit as many countries as we can.

We’re Going to be Busy

We’re looking forward to the next six months, but our journey won’t stop there. We still need to fill six more months with new destinations. Please let us know if you have any ideas of places we should add. Or if you’ve visited any of the countries above, let us know your recommendations of things to do, see or eat. Leave your comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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