Travel Plans | 22 Countries in 6 Months

In August, we both left our corporate jobs to pursue our passions for travel and food. Since that time we've already visited Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea. In a few days, we're heading to Japan and couldn't be more excited. Its been a lifelong dream to eat Ramen in Tokyo and it's finally coming true.... Continue Reading →

Being a Minimalist | Is It Hard

People always say that once they got rid of all their stuff and began to live a minimalist lifestyle, they became better for it. What they don’t tell you is all the turmoil that happens in between. Is it Hard Being a Minimalist? YES! I am an average person that once had a lot of... Continue Reading →

Saving | 4 Things I Stopped Doing to Save $7,000

Like most people, I have always struggled with saving. I like the shiny, new and instant gratification feeling it gave me when I bought something. As we got more serious about saving, these were the things I stopped spending money on and it immediately saved us $7,000. I know this list may not apply to everyone but these were things I... Continue Reading →

Money | How to Save for Travel and More

Our journey to world travel started years before we booked our first flight. We were average people that tried to follow the traditional path in life. We worked hard, went to school, and had good paying jobs. But a few years back we noticed a problem in our lives. "Someday," kept alluding us. Each day it... Continue Reading →

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