Hostels | Survival and Packing Tips

Hostels are a great budget friendly way to travel. There are so many different types of hostels to choose from nowadays, from your traditional dorm style to luxury hostels. After staying at a few hostels during our travels, I've learned a few things along the way that might be helpful for first time hostel travelers. Survival... Continue Reading →

Money | How to Save for Travel and More

Our journey to world travel started years before we booked our first flight. We were average people that tried to follow the traditional path in life. We worked hard, went to school, and had good paying jobs. But a few years back we noticed a problem in our lives. "Someday," kept alluding us. Each day it... Continue Reading →

Cash | How much should you bring when traveling?

Although many countries are working towards becoming "Cashless", Cash is still King. Most small businesses would rather avoid the additional costs of accepting cards. Especially when visiting hawker stands, food stalls or boutique stores count on cash as the only form of payment. To avoid the hassles of searching for ATMs or missing out on a local... Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Planning an International Trip

Preparing for an international trip can be both exciting and stressful. If you have never traveled aboard it can be overwhelming. When we decided to embark on our own Eat, Pray, Love Journey we learned a lot about ourselves and how to travel. I encourage anyone embarking on an adventure of discovery or even simply taking a... Continue Reading →

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