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We are Cam & Francis.

We are both in our early 30’s, and well into the middle of our careers. At a time when conventional standards say we should be looking at buying a home, starting a family and focusing on climbing the corporate ladder, we chose to take a different path.

Did you know…

70% of employees are actively disengaged.

American workers forfeited nearly 50 percent of their paid vacation in 2017. And, nearly 10 percent take no vacation days at all.

Compared to the current average retirement age of 62, today’s college graduates will work 13 years longer. And, with an average life expectancy of 84, they’ll spend only 9 years in retirement.

In 2018, we were in the middle of building a new house when we decided to change course. For the past several years we noticed a trend:

  • Our stress levels were through the roof.
  • We were living for the weekend.
  • Even when we were promoted or switched jobs, we still felt unfulfilled.
  • Our waistlines were growing faster than ever before.
  • Someday was creeping more and more into our conversations than ever before
  • Time was moving faster, and faster each year

Any of this sound familiar?

We were always making excuses or searching for quick fixes. Throughout our lives, we had learned how to just embrace the pain and admit this is just the way it is and will always be. We learned to settle. In the months leading up to the decision to build our first house, things seemed to be getting worse. With all the stress we have allowed into our lives, our anxiety was manifesting physically. We were suffering from chest pains in the morning, and sudden panic attacks throughout the day. Although we were at a point in our lives with little to no debt,  earning more money than ever before and about to achieve the next American milestone of home ownership, we were miserable.

Rather than continuing to push through and hope it all works itself out, we decided to pump the brakes. And end up asking ourselves the hardest question.

What do WE want out of life?

After hours of conversation, debating and planning we decided to hold off on building our house. Even though we spent, what felt like an eternity, scrimping and saving it was not the right time. So what now?

We took a leap…

We chose to take a risk and invest in ourselves. It took some number crunching and creative budgeting, but the money we saved would be just enough to cover us for a year. Throughout our marriage, we had always talked about seeing the world someday and getting a chance to try all the delicious foods we’ve seen in blogs, TV, and YouTube. After an especially rough day at work for the both of us, we finally mustered up the courage to book our first international trip. That night we both circled dates on the calendar and made promises that no matter what we would quit our jobs, and take back our lives.

Our BIG Adventure

We are dedicating the next year of our lives to travel, exploration and self-improvement. Along the way, we plan to share our learnings, mistakes, and discoveries.

What you can expect

We are real people and understand that not everyone has the opportunity to do what we are doing. Which is why we invite you to follow us on this journey as we pause to reset and live life more intentionally. One thing that you can always expect is honesty. We want to paint a real picture of what this journey is like whether good or bad. If you like what you read, hear or see be sure to Follow, Like, and Subscribe. At the end of the day, we are all trying to find our way.

Thanks again and we hope to see you again!

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