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What I Packed for Japan in the Fall | Men’s Edition

Packing for Japan in the Fall

I love to travel in the Fall and Winter months. I’m what you would consider a “pleasantly plump” traveler, and I feel more comfortable wearing a sweater and jeans than…

What I Packed for Japan in the Fall | Women’s Edition

Japan Packing

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, right behind winter. Cozy sweaters, warm coats, and tall boots have a way of making any woman feel comfortable but cute. The tricky…

Tips to Overcome a Language Barrier When Traveling

Language Barrier

Let’s face the facts unless you’re some linguistic savant; you’re not going to be fluent in the language of every country you visit. It takes time to learn a new…

Singapore Airlines | Bid for an Upgrade

Singapore Airlines Bid Upgrade

Throughout my years I have had the opportunity to fly on many different airlines. Each one has pros and cons, but thus far Singapore Airlines (SIA) is my favorite. We…

What I Packed for 3 Weeks in a 40 L Backpack | Men’s Edition

adult backpacker

It’s been a dream of mine to pick up a backpack and explore the world. I envisioned myself hiking through mountains, trekking through the wilderness and getting lost in the…

Travel Tips | Ultimate Guide to Survive Long Haul Flights


Traveling the world is something that I will never stop doing. My favorite thing about flying is take-off and landing, it’s the in between that’s not so fun. From long layovers, lost…

Saving | 4 Things I Stopped Doing to Save $7,000


Like most people, I have always struggled with saving. I like the shiny, new and instant gratification feeling it gave me when I bought something. As we got more serious about…

Hostels | Survival and Packing Tips


Hostels are a great budget friendly way to travel. There are so many different types of hostels to choose from nowadays, from your traditional dorm style to luxury hostels. After staying…


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